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My core beliefs took shape early on – From making A LOT of hamburgers for hungry customers in the family business – Burger King Franchisees – to my first job in the Reagan White House Office of Presidential Advance. After that, I moved to the Department of State Protocol Office, and headed up my own entrepreneurial enterprise – Practical Protocol. I came to understand that fostering solid relationships was the key to working through every issue that humanity faces.

I also believe that we all could use a little more joy in our lives. Without civility there is little hope of finding joy. Likewise, without joy, civility crumbles. So, I embarked on a journey to bring a little bit of both back into the world. I began a mission to create my own purposeful practice of civility. After a long gestation, my first book, Civility Rules! was born. I hope you will consider joining me and create your own civility practice. If we could make it a movement, imagine what magic might happen!


While society continues to make exponential and historic advances in technology, and we have elevated our overall sophistication in every way, we seem to be missing something vital to the health of our society – our ability to be civil to each other. Our ability to recognize our mutual humanity through compassion and humility fades by the day.

Much more than manners, Shelby believes that civility is actually the cornerstone of a functioning society. There is still hope! With determination, unflagging optimism and patience with one another, we can reclaim civility in our daily lives.

By examining civility through the historical lens of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility,” Shelby provides both an entertaining and approachable history lesson as well as a long overdue update that clearly distinguishes modern civility from the notion of antiquated niceties.

She revisits the essence of the “Rules” as substantive character traits of trust, respect, honor, humility, empathy and courtesy. In doing so, Shelby freshly redefines civility and our practice of it into a timeless and timely personal practice.

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Shelby speaks on topics of leadership and entrepreneurship spreading a message of personal responsibility, civility and joy to audiences around the world. She was a TEDx Napa Valley speaker on Civility and has addressed a conference on entrepreneurship at the United Nations.

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