Finding More Joy in our Daily Lives

In “Joy Journey,” the name itself holds the essence of its purpose. With a middle name that resonates so deeply, Shelby Joy Scarbrough guides us on exploring seemingly ordinary moments that can be transformed into extraordinary sources of joy. This session isn’t a lofty promise of constant elation but rather a pragmatic approach to shifting perspectives and uncovering the hidden gems within our daily lives. By sharing insightful anecdotes and practical insights, the “Joy Journey” illuminates how embracing a different outlook can pave the way for a more fulfilling and joyful existence.

Shelby’s Search for More Joy

Shelby taps into her deep well of entrepreneurial experience and servant leadership to craft an inspiring roadmap for embracing Joy in the hustle and bustle of life. Drawing from her roles as both a supportive guide and a seasoned entrepreneur, Shelby unveils a transformative approach to finding happiness amidst the complexities of modern existence. With poignant narratives and actionable insights, she highlights how even the most arduous paths can lead to moments of joy and self-discovery. “Joy Journey” is a testament to Shelby’s belief that a shift in perspective can be the catalyst for unlocking the abundance of joy that lies within each of us, inviting readers to embark on a soul-stirring expedition toward a more joyful and fulfilled life.

Loaded with Takeaway:

Embrace the Everyday: “Joy Journey” reminds readers that Joy isn’t confined to grand gestures; it’s hidden within the ordinary moments we often overlook. By embracing the beauty in everyday experiences, we unlock a wellspring of happiness.

Shift Perspectives: Shelby’s book underscores the power of changing one’s outlook. Through compelling anecdotes and practical exercises, readers learn how a change in perspective can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and Joy.

Resilience through Entrepreneurship: Drawing from her entrepreneurial journey, Shelby illustrates how the path to success is often paved with setbacks. She empowers readers to view these obstacles as steppingstones to resilience and eventual triumph.

Servant Leadership in Practice: Shelby’s dedication to serving others shines through as she guides readers on embodying servant leadership principles. By placing the well-being of others at the forefront, individuals can create a positive impact and find Joy in contributing to their communities.

Cultivating Lasting Joy: “Joy Journey” isn’t about fleeting moments of happiness but the cultivation of lasting Joy. Shelby provides actionable strategies for incorporating gratitude, mindfulness, and purpose into daily life, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Customize Your Session:

Shelby can present this topic in many formats.

  • 30-minute highlights session with an optional book signing
  • 50-minute keynote with Q&A and optional book signing
  • Fireside Chat, interview style with optional book signing


  • Flat rate pricing available for large and small groups
  • Book purchase for the session, discount price of: $15 per book/person
  • Travel expenses (lodging and flight) for Shelby
  • Equipment: Projector, screen & microphone

Led by Shelby Scarbrough

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Shelby is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to pursue their dreams and create positive change in the world. Her sessions are fun and entertaining, filled with storytelling, and create an intimate atmosphere for her audience. Shelby has walked many stages, from TEDx to Harvard Business School. Audiences are charmed by her willingness to share and bring them inside her experiences.

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