The year was 1933, and a severe economic depression had devastated the United States. The stock market had collapsed. Unemployment was rampant. Amidst such widespread misery, a young, adventurous pilot named Jimmie Mattern set out to become the first pilot to circumnavigate the globe solo.

An unceasing optimist, Jimmie believed his flight, if successful, could lift the hope and spirits of a struggling nation. Instead, Jimmie was the one who would need hope just to make it home alive.

On June 3, 1933, Jimmie and his Lockheed Vega rose joyfully into the sky to chase glory. He wouldn’t set foot on American soil again for eight grueling weeks after a crash in the Siberian wilderness tested his renowned cheerfulness and storied ability to survive. His quest, fraught with brutal weather, mechanical and fuel emergencies, hunger, sleep deprivation, and injury, made him a legend and an international celebrity in his time.

Storytelling at its best!

Shelby Scarbrough, Jimmie’s granddaughter, is the keeper and teller of this unbelievable tale. After years of research, hundreds of interviews, and reaching deep into her family history – Jimmie’s account is brought to life.

As the publisher of Jimmie Mattern’s story, Shelby brings you into the cockpit for the journey of a lifetime. The story is woven with US history and is an adventure that will keep you guessing throughout the journey.

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs that want a great story of grit and determination.
  • Children who would love to hear the true story of one of America’s great heroes.
  • Flight enthusiasts who want to marvel over the courageous choices of a young aviator.
  • Groups that seek a motivational tale of perseverance
  • Anyone interested in our nation’s history.

Loaded with Takeaway:

  • Beating the odds to follow a dream.
  • Leading with your heart, and going against the grain.
  • The internal drive needed to survive when all seems lost.
  • Overcoming personal trauma to beat the odds.

Customize Your Session:

Shelby can present this topic in many formats.

  • 30-minute highlights session + optional book signing
  • 50-minute keynote + Q&A + optional book signing
  • Fireside Chat, interview style with optional book signing


  • Flat rate pricing available for large and small groups
  • Book purchase for the session, discount price of: $15 per book/person
  • Travel expenses (lodging and flight) for Shelby
  • Equipment: Projector, screen & microphone

Led by Shelby Scarbrough

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Shelby is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to pursue their dreams and create positive change in the world. Her sessions are fun and entertaining, filled with storytelling, and create an intimate atmosphere for her audience. Shelby has walked many stages, from TEDx to Harvard Business School. Audiences are charmed by her willingness to share and bring them inside her experiences.

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